08 October 2008

a constant state of revision

For the past month or so I have been getting together the final things I need in order to graduate with honors. I turned in my portfolio last week which was a really weird feeling. I mean, being done with something that you have been thinking about for the last four years is a strange feeling. And I have been revising my thesis so many times. Basically I have been revising it constantly for the past month, which can be really frustrating at times since I just want to have it done. But I am getting closer and closer to having it be something good and worthwhile. I turned it in to the honors department today, but will probably still change it a little bit more in the coming weeks before my defense. It needs to be stronger in some ways and hopefully I can do that.
Anyway, with all this thinking about revision and thinking that I was in a constant state of revision, I realized that the idea of revision could really apply to my life in so many ways. I really am in a constant state of revision. I always am working to make myself a better person, cutting out the parts of my life that are less than satisfactory and reordering things. As different things happen in my life I have to adjust to them. And I will be constantly revising because I am not going to be complete and finished for my entire life. My entire life is a time of constant revision so that I can end up whole and perfect. And the great thing is that I have an example to look to. I can constantly revise my life to parallel the life of Jesus Christ and look to the potential I have to become like my Heavenly Father. So I guess revision isn't really all that bad. :)