17 December 2007

dancing through life

I love to dance. This is true. I have a dream to someday waltz across campus (and not just walking waltzing, really waltzing, maybe even viennese). Yes, we (me and whoever I am waltzing with, it doesn't really work well by yourself) will probably get some weird looks, but it will be fun. And I am crazy anyway so people probably won't find it all that different.

For an example of my craziness: at the last two ward activities I have just had a great desire to dance, mostly triple swing, and so I did. In the middle of the activity. I proceeded to coerce one of my girl friends into dancing with me (the boys were all otherwise occupied) and I pretended to be the guy and lead the dance which is really difficult when you have spent the last few years learning how to follow. But, after a while I learned how to lead a few steps and it was fun. And we triple swing-ed for quite a while. I would have kept dancing for a very long time, and I wanted to, but my dance partner was unfortunately not so enthusiastic. And it ended, but I have the promise of three dance classes next semester calling to me. It is going to be a great semester, I can feel it. :)

Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I love dancing. And, I'm happy.


Sis said...

I would totally waltz across campus with you if you would cha cha aross with me. Well I love you sis! Good luck on finals this week! Dont worry you can just dance on through them!:>

Mariah Krauel said...
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